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Dee Schaad

Dee Schaad

Dee Schaad has an MFA from the Hixson-Lied College of Fine Art at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln with a major in Ceramics. His earthenware pieces are whimsical depictons of current events, History and myth. Some are )gures designed for hanging others are lidded containers, teapots, and other objects based on a vessel format. Colored engobes, glazes and luster glazes are used. His stoneware is currently vessel forma+ed. He has recently conducted workshops at the Dunedin Art Center in Dunedin, FL, the Arvada Art Center, in Denver, CO, and two workshops at the Brickyard in Indianapolis. Examples of his work can be found in a number of publicatons including publicatons of the American Ceramic Society.  For more information, check out his web site at www. or just google, Dee Schaad

Bloomington, Indiana


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