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Allison May

Allison May

As an artist I continually search for new, exciting ways in which I can express my true voice. As a ceramic artist, the ever-changing medium of clay provides me the opportunity to impart something of myself – something of my true voice, if you will – as the foundation of my art. My fascination has always been with the hand built vessel, in particular those of the Pueblo Indian tribes. They would approach each and every creation with skill, imagination and reverence; for their vessels were made to work, to serve, to worship, to celebrate. More important, Indian culture also tells us each hand built vessel was intended to live a life on its own; and by doing so, to carry a part of its maker throughout all time. My goal as an artist is to honor the intent and spirit of the craft embodied by these artists of long ago, while exploring new ways to infuse energy and excitement in a way that captures your attention and persuades you to pause for a moment … perhaps to visualize more in the art than what can simply be seen. Like the art that has influenced me, my work also carries a part of me within every design and on every surface … who I am and what I wish to say is in the vessel before you.

Bloomington, Indiana


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