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Chizuko Johnson

Chizuko Johnson

Chizuko Johnson grew up in northern Japan and moved to the US with her husband in 1997. She had lived in Tokyo, Japan and London, England in the past. During that time, she never had the opportunity but always thought someday she would try pottery. She saw a small yunomi cup that her cousin made decades ago and since then the idea of doing pottery somehow stayed in her mind. The chance finally came when she moved to Bloomington, Indiana.

She began taking lessons at the John Waldron Arts Center and eventually moved on to Indiana University where she earned a BFA degree in ceramics. She likes to make functional pottery using porcelain and stoneware clay bodies with celadon glazes and other subdued colors/glazes for her work. Most of her work is high-fire and dishwasher, microwave safe. She would like people to use her work in everyday life and it would be wonderful if they feel a bit of joy using them.

Bloomington, Indiana


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