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Karen Green Stone

Karen Green Stone


Karen Green Stone is a potter who lives north of Bloomington, Indiana and works in her ridge top studio in the woods. Primarily a functional potter for over 30 years, she works in both porcelain and stoneware clays. 

The work she produces is primarily wheel thrown and decorated using various carving, etching, and appliqué techniques. While drawing her inspiration from the natural world using flowers, butterflies, earth, water and sky, she frequently studies the work of painter Georgia O’Keeffe, Arts and Crafts potter Adelaide Alsop Robineau who worked in a studio near Karen’s family home in Syracuse, New York and ceramicists Tashiko Takeazu and Nan McKinnell, her former teacher. While focusing on washes of color, Karen experiments with combinations and forms that draw the eye into the piece using colored slips, stains and glaze over glaze methods in this quest. Although many of the porcelain pieces appear to be delicate, they are durable and can be used every day. 

Bloomington, Indiana


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