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Become A Member of Local Clay

Membership Requirements

Applications are due by February 28.

Download the Membership Application PDF. Fill Out the form and send in an email to info@localclay.net with a subject line: Membership Application.

Principal Membership Level 

  • Members must reside and work within a 75-mile radius of Bloomington, IN city center.
  • Members have been working in clay for a minimum of the past 5 years.
  • Members fire their work on their own or in a cooperative studio.
  • Members are selling their work to the public directly, through at least two of the following; a gallery, retail shop, juried art fairs, or through exhibitions for a minimum of the immediate past three years.
  • Members must be willing to attend three Local Clay meetings annually. If a principal member is unable to attend a Local Clay meeting the member should contact a Board Member before the meeting. Attending less than two meetings a year may change level of membership to the Associate level.
  • Members must work on at least one committee annually.
  • Principal members vote at regular meetings. Members must be present to vote.
  • Members must participate in at least two Local Clay events annually.  (Soup Bowl Benefit, Workshop, Exhibitions, Fall Sale etc.)    
  • First year principal membership dues are $75.00; dues each year thereafter are $50.00 for regular Principal membership and $25.00 for Local Clay Board members. Members agree to pay the annually accessed Local Clay dues by February 28th of each year to maintain Principal membership level. Dues are subject to change at the request of the Local Clay Board.
  • Principal members who resign from Local Clay or who remain at the Associate member level for two or more consecutive years must reapply for Principal membership in Local Clay. Principal members may switch to Associate member status at any time and may return to Principal member status after a period of one year. Principal members choosing this option may participate in Local Clay exhibitions during that year as space allows.
  • Principal Membership level qualifies members for participation in the Local Clay sales (Fall Show).

To apply for principal membership please submit the following with your application.

        Digital images (Electronically sent in an email or CD) with at least 10 color images of your original work that has been produced in the past 2 years. Show the variety of your work. You may include detail views. List the medium and size for digital images. CD’s will not be returned.

        Work should be handmade and reflect excellence and the unique vision of its maker. It should be well conceived and skillfully executed, without technical faults. All work must be the design of the applicant. Images and applications will be juried by current Principal members.

        Send an email to info@localclay.net with inquiries.

Associate Membership Level

  • Associate membership in Local Clay is open to anyone interested in the Local Clay organization living within a 75-mile radius of Bloomington, Indiana’s city center.
     Exception:  A Principal Member who moves out of the 75-mile radius may continue membership as an Associate Member.
  • Members agree to pay the annually accessed Local Clay dues by February 28th of each year. Associate membership dues are $35.00 each year. Dues are subject to change at the request of the Local Clay Board.
  • Associate Members will receive notification of all Local Clay events, Associates receive member rates to Local Clay sponsored workshops, and are encouraged to attend Local Clay social and educational events.
  • Associate Members may attend Local Clay general meetings but will have no vote.